Main areas of our focus

Youth empowerment 

Care for young people's future mision and vision , is to empower the young people to achieve their best.         By empowering the young people, we will have more independent young people, standing together for their education and communities.

We are aiming to have them involved in policy maker decisions  and to stand up for their rights .

Alternative education,early intervention and prevention , training and workshops

Alternative education and re-engagement for young people, that suits to their needs and to the real world that we live in .

Early intervention and prevention for families, schools, and relevant public bodies.

Vocational courses


Music and Dance studio on various locations 

Hair dresser saloon  in progress

Languages , Arts and Culture on various locations

Workshops and training various locations

Mentoring ,raising aspirations and guidance

We deliver mentoring sessions for young people on a 1 to 1 basis and in a group .

The aim of the mentoring project is  to empower the young people to follow a positive route ,based on role models ,positive experience , exposure to employees and introduction to various services , which will enable them to discover their own potential and go beyond any prejudice.

Re use centre

.We are currently speaking to business , services about school resources, and various donations which could be reused under our alternative provisions and activities for free for young people.

The re use project will enable us to promote and value recycling and will bring together great minds and play workers who could prepare various activities based on what resources we have got ..

It will also bring us income for our organisation, by selling online the work which the young people will do .

This will enable us, to make the Play library more sustainable and will provide resources for our organisation

In the last ten-fifteen  years , the team from the Care for young people's future ,  has worked actively and very intense  to promote equality and inclusion in education for the Roma children and families and other BME backgrounds.

Our main background is in Education ,Law, Policies and Programs at European level, Culture,Art ,History ,Dance and Communities.

Our main reason for fighting against inequalities and promoting an inclusive educations , is because , we are part of the disadvantaged communities , we were one of the young people who experienced discrimination due to our ethnic origin,traditions and beliefs.

The work that we have done and that we aim to do under the '' Care for young people's future'', is the result of our passion to support the disadvantaged communities and the desire to empower the young people to become more active in all sectors.

We promote and we are driven by these main three topics:

               Human rights , Equality,Inclusion

Terezia Rostas

Executive director

Care for young people's future


More info to be added


We are involved in various projects related to education, translation, empowerment and community events, on a daily basis , this page is under construction . .



Current projects

We are looking to provide toys , and find various venues, where we could arrange a toy library for disadvantaged communities,which don;t have access to toys.


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